COVID-19 Update

The Paisley Woods Bicycle Trail Has Been Reopened
  1. This trail was reopened 08:00 hrs, Friday, 5-15-20.
  2. Trail users should periodically review the upper-right edge of the Ocala National Forest Home Page for current alerts and warnings.  
  3. The reopen notification detail can be found at the link which was sourced from the item #1 link above.
  4. Please continue social distancing at the trailheads and on the trail.
  5. Pack out what you pack in, trash pickup services at the Clearwater Lake TH bear-proof trash cans has not resumed.
  6. The recreation areas at both ends of the trail remain closed, Clearwater Lake and Alexander Springs, please do not enter these gated areas.
  7. The forest-wide fire ban continues to be in effect.

These notes updated 5-16-20 JW
Non 4-wheel drive vehicle access locations:  LAT/LON coordinates:
  • Clearwater Lake Trailhead:          28.976760, 81.550139
  • North Trailhead on FR-69:           29.068435, 81.581237
  • Alexander Springs Main Gate:     29.078186, 81.577677

4-wheel drive vehicle access locations: each place the trail crosses a numbered road, see downloads page for maps.
Other:   LAT/LON coordinates:
  • Center Connector West End:   29.022200, 81.568097
  • Center Connector East End:    29.021975, 81.563111